Picture Credit : Fossil Blossom Studio : Kaley Fluke 

Picture Credit : Fossil Blossom Studio : Kaley Fluke 

Will Pellerin Music

In September of 2015, Will Pellerin pulled in to the driveway of his new apartment in Hermitage, TN. With no job and everything he owned in the back of a 1999 Subaru Legacy, Will's musical journey was finally getting a start just 15 miles south-east of Nashville. As his father helped him unpack and before he left for the airport, he stated "Alright, now it's time for you to figure this out." Ever since that muggy Tennessee afternoon, that's exactly what Will has been trying to do. 

Growing up on the banks of Lake Champlain in northern New York, Will spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors and the surrounding Adirondack Mountains. In elementary school, Will picked up the guitar. He began listening to, and studying, the songs of recording legends like James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. His musical interests and love for the outdoors finally collided when he attended university at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. He spent 4 years as an active outdoor guide for the university, started a 7 piece folk group and was a member of the oldest a-capella group on campus. Although his academics immersed him into the natural world, his love for music was always pulling his mind in another direction. 

After spending a summer working for a local farm just a few miles outside of Will's hometown, he wrote new songs and tried to develop himself as a songwriter. It was a conversation he had with his mother in their kitchen, when the topic of moving to Nashville came up. "She just told me flat out to just go for it, and that was just the nudge I needed."  states Will, who within a month after that exact conversation, found himself planning a road trip to his new life in Tennessee. 

Over the last year and a half, Will has traveled the east coast playing shows from Rockwood Music Hall in New York City to opening for soul-rockers on the shores of Charleston, South Carolina. After entering into National Public Radio's tiny desk concert contest in 2016, Will's song "Winter Song" was featured on North Country Public Radio before a show to a packed room at his alma-mater. Last July, Will played the Northern Exposure showcase, as a local artist on the rise, at Burlington, Vermont's Higher Ground Ballroom. This past November, he wrapped up recording his debut EP at the famous Woodland Recording Studios in Nashville. His first single "Lost and Found" can be heard on his SoundCloud page. 

While continuing to promote his music through local and regional shows, Will currently resides in East Nashville. His love for live music and the sharing of his stories through his work, has allowed him to start finding a sense of community in Music City. "I know I still have a lot of work to do. There is a sound I was born to find, it's just up to me to go and find it."

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